Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Closet


As I mentioned before, this is my closet :)
I love black, white and red....and I only wear those colors...
Of course this is not my only closet. I have lots! But you will only see this one :p

Have a good day!


Monday, July 5, 2010

A Dark Vintage Pin up Tattooed Engagement

" For Better or Worse, Till Death Do Us Part "

I've been in a relationship with Teddy for 5 years now. We've been through A LOT!!! And all the ups and downs made us love each other more and made us grew stronger.
One night on 25th April 2009, in a romantic rooftop restaurant in Bangkok, he bent down on one knee and proposed :) It was romantic and beautiful...He knew I love the place so much! Go to Vertigo, Banyan Tree when you visit Bangkok, Thailand.
After the proposal, we started planning our wedding.

We did an engagement photo shoot with our good friend, Paulus from Axioo. I used to work as a creative for Axioo, so I do all the work for our engagement shoot ( except for taking the photos :p ) We got our vows tattoed on our arms and we decided to shoot them. And the rest of the concept follows. I took care of the wardrobes, properties, locations, etc. I design most of the dress and head pieces. I love our engagement photos!!! Paulus really did a great job :)

Enjoy :)

You can see more of our lovely photos here.
Make up artist : Adeline
1950's dresses and head pieces : Me :)
Thanks to everyone expecially Paulus and Axioo. You guys are amazing!

I Love Weekend!

Hello hello...

How do I look with my new moustache?

How's your weekend?

Mine was lovely :) Although it went pretty fast...and before you know's Monday!
On Saturday, I went to Samarra with my fiance and some friends. We watched football (Argentine Vs Germany) on the rooftop.

It was raining that night, so I opted for a simple victory roll hairdo and wore a simple black dress. Well, I wear black almost everyday. You can only find black, red, and white inside my closet. I love 50's dress, I think they make women look beautiful. I'm always in a dress. Sometimes I wear shorts and leggings too on some occasions. But you'll always see me in a dress :)

I love wearing vintage inspired dress and my mommy's vintage dresses. Most of my clothes are not vintage, because it's hard to find good vintage shops here in Jakarta. I love vintage shopping back in Sydney ( I went to college in Sydney, Australia). I used to shop in Glebe Market, Paddington Market, and many other vintage stores. I also love Wheels and Dollbaby, they are not vintage but I love them! For vintage inspired clothings, Pin Up Girl Clothing and Unique Vintage are my fave! My super favorite shopping place is in Bangkok, Thailand. I sell dresses and handmade head piece/fascinator. Sometimes I design and make my own vintage inspired dress. I'll post some of my creations soon.

This is my fiance, Teddy...We're getting married in 2 months :)

Wearing mom's polkadot navy vintage dress and a red cardigan sweater
This is how my hair looks after I washed it. I love the natural finger waves for a casual look. When I don't have a lot of time to do my hair, I go for this look :)

For my victory roll up do, this is how the back looks. I made the red rose head piece...I also sell them : )

Saturday Night

Victory roll up do, red rose head piece, black dress, 20s T strap wedges

Can you see the rolls :)
Hope you all have an interesting week!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Looking Darling!

Anna Sui black liquid liner, Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick - Lover , 20s finger waves

I love looking like a darling everyday with a perfect make up and hairdo. I started wearing bold eyeliner and red lipstick (once in a while) since I got into college and I've been addicted since.

I got sad melancholic eyes, maybe because I cry all the time since I was a little girl. That's why a black bold eyeliner is a must for me. I have a ritual every morning that I have to follow, otherwise I will be in a very bad mood all day.

I love looks from the twenties to sixties. I usually do twenties/thirties finger waves daily. Sometimes forties/fifties hairdo.

I got this nautical themed sailor top from Bangkok :)

20s finger wave up do, black Anna Sui pencil liner, Mac lipstick - Ruby Woo.

At Balangan Beach, Bali :)

My Daily Ritual

- Face treatment, lotion, eye cream, and SPF (a must!)
I use Anna Sui products for face treatment and Kiehl's eye cream and SPF.
- My make up : face powder, red blush, black eyebrow powder, black waterproof eyeliner, red
lipstick. I use Anna Sui for all my make up. A lot of people have asked me about my fantastic eyeliner. I use Anna Sui waterproof pencil eyeliner in Black. Sometimes I use liquid eyeliner too if I'm not lazy :p

Anna Sui loose powder, compact powder, eyebrow powder, black liquid liner, red blush, black pencil liner

I love twenties and forties hair!

My inspirations are Jean Harlow and Helen Kane from the Thirties, and Rita Hayworth, Veronica Lake and Lucille Ball from the Forties. Movies with vintage settings always made me melt and want to try more hairstyles.

The key of doing vintage hair is bobby pins and hairspray. I tend to use a lot of hairspray when I'm doing 20s/30s finger waves. For 40s pin curls, you need lots of bobby pins. I usually pin curl my hair from the night before, the curls will stay longer that way. I have a super straight hair, and it took a long time for me to do my hair everyday ( my fiance is always complaining... ) , so I perm my hair permanently. It's easier to style my hair now that I have curls. I did digital wave once every year to get natural waves, but permanent pin curl suits me better, I think.

My vintage inspired hairdo is modernized by me. I do some authentic vintage hairdo, but I tend to simplify them for daily casual looks. I love to do authentic vintage hairdo more often though.

Factory girl forties hairstyle ( Betty Paige's bangs )

Afternoon coffee
Forties wave with side swept hair is so flat :(

Don't forget to re-apply your lipstick after meal or drinks :)

You should always have at least one lipstick in your bag. I always have 3 different lipstick with me all the can never have too many...

I use Anna Sui liquid liner for my eyeliner and under eye false lashes
Chanel lipstick-Lover, Anna Sui lip liner no 400

Anna Sui lip moisturizer, Mac Ruby Woo, Anna Sui no 400, Chanel Lover
I also love Mac Russian Red and Guerlain ( I forgot the title... )

Well, that's about it on my vintage-daily looks-make up-hairdo.

Will post again soon :)

Have a good day!